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I iz in your blog, taggin ur posts

So the delicious SJP has blog tagged me. In four years of blogging, this is my first one! This is what I, and the six people I tag next, have to do: - Link to the person that tagged you - i.e. me. - Post the rules on your blog. (check) - Write six random things about you in a blog post. - Tag six people in your post. - Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. - Let the tagger know your entry is up. It's like having a second job. OK, here are the six random things, then (and I hope my #4 won't be as rude as Scott Pack's was): 1) I have a degree in archaeology. My main residual skills as a result are being able to make a rollie - including roach - in under a minute, as well as to rub some soil between my fingers, look intense, and say 'mm, friable'. 2) When I was a kid I had an operation to correct something wrong with my feet. On my notes, the consultant surgeon described the problem as 'curly toes'. What, they couldn't come up with something even remotely medical sounding? 3) I can name most birds on sight. Go on, try me. 4) When I started Snowbooks I took a 93% pay cut, but I never thought I could possibly be as happy as I am now. 5) My favourite book is Lolita by Nabokov. 6) When I was a kid, my ambition was to be a biologist on the much talked about at the time Space Station. Then when I took my Options at school, I wasn't allowed to do biology *and* history. So I had to choose between two of my favourite subjects - just to fit in with the teachers' schedules. If everything works out, I am planning on homeschooling my kid. There, that should be enough for you. The people I tag now are: - Rob. So you won't have far to go to read his 6. - Vanessa of Scotland - Sue The Author - Jon The Corvid Bookseller - Eoin The Publisher - The Fabulous Ladies at A&B Sorry about this, chaps. But I look forward to learning random things about you.


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