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The cutting edge of data management

Click below for a pretty dull Emma rant. This is an email from Nielsen in response to a request for a form to order a new load of ISBN numbers: "Attached is an order form for a further batch of ISBN numbers. You can scan and attach it to an email, fax or post it. If you post it, please be sure to use the correct postage for the size and weight of your envelope." Ooh, faxing. How modern. Or printing, scanning and emailing back again - also genius. Ever heard of pdf data fields? It sounds like I'm being totally picky, but it really does summarise the approach of that company. _______________________ //update// it gets better: here's an email after I've sent back the form. "If you could send me a list of your current allocation, and the titles assigned to them, and ill be able to complete the application." You'd have thought Nielsen of all people would have that list. Clearly not. ______________________ //another update//: I take it back and instead direct my scorn at other publishers. Nielsen write: "We have to get the records from the publisher, so we can see that what they are registering, is what they are using. You're one of the good ones, you actually register your titles with us. :)" Some publishers are dumb. Poor Nielsen - I do feel quite sorry for them, now, having to put up with such daftness.


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