I'll be watching you, Snowbooks • 23 April 2008 • The SnowBlog

I'll be watching you, Snowbooks

Here's an interesting article (to me, at least, the newly aware) about how pregnant women and mothers are still subject to discrimination. I hope Snowbooks isn't going to be horrible to me. You can imagine the conversation: Me (as pregnant lady): So, can I have some time off to have a baby? I promise I'll be back at work in six weeks or so, and I'll check my email and everything. And can I have my proper job back afterwards? Me (as Snowbooks boss): No. Me (PL): Oh. But what about my rights? Me (SB): Well you can take me to tribunal but you'll look a bit stupid, talking to yourself. Me (PL): Sigh. Makes me appreciate being my own boss even more. God, who'd ever work for someone if they could help it?


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