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Things that happen

Stick around in publishing - or any business, I'll bet - for long enough and things get a sort of momentum of their own. I was procrastinating today, reading the Guardian, and came across this article from one of our authors, Carlton Reid, author of the mighty fine Family Cycling. The article's nothing to do with the book (well, both are about cycling, but that's about all), but it was nice to see an article by one of our own. And then I get a marketing email from Amazon, about steampunk. It might be because I - obviously - look at a fair number of Snowbooks' titles on Amazon, but it was funny to see five of the eight books in the Amazon email were our own. It's even weirder to see Amazon reviews where the writer cites other Snowbooks' titles (along the lines of 'I liked this book, but this other book was even better'). The writer didn't seem to know the two books were published by the same company - we just seem to be relatively dominant in our sphere. Like I say, I suppose this sort of thing just comes from being around for a while. The other huge benefit of that, I was thinking today, is that we're so practiced. We can get a book out the door - if we feel like it - in about a day (with the exception of editing and proofreading. Ain't no shortcut for that). Not that we do. But we could. Cover design, writing blurbs, typesetting, generating printer files, getting the metadata done, uploading things to Amazon, informing retailers, sourcing printers, sending out review copies, publishing to the website - we've done it a bazillion times before, we're good at it, we can do it quickly and it's fun. Whilst it was exciting to be a start up, it's absolutely magical to be established.


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