Apple textbooks announcement • 17 January 2012 • The SnowBlog

Apple textbooks announcement

It's become a bit of a cliché to wonder what an Apple version of something would be like - assuming it doesn't already exist. The firm totally redefined entire industries with their mobile phone and then their tablet, and there's talking of them tackling TVs soon. But an announcement that's crept up on me a little bit is that they've also been working in the field of interactive books - specifically tools for creating them. The sound bite seems to be 'garageband for e-books' - which won't mean anything to you if you don't know what GarageBand is (it's a music-making program with a famously intuitive and non-technical interface). On the 19th they're going to unveil whatever they've been working on and a lot of people think it'll revolutionise the textbook and drag it into the electronic age. More details here.


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