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Happy new year

We wish you a merry new year and a happy 2012, as the song famously goes. Hope 2012 is a corker for you and - well, frankly, that you continue to buy a lot of our books. And if you're a writer, here's a sensible thing to do to kick off the new year. Git yersen along to Blackwell in Oxford on 19th January to learn from the queen of writing to be published, Nicola Morgan. More info below the cut. It's incredibly worthwhile, and highly recommended. Workshop with Nicola Morgan: Write to be Published Thursday 19th January, 7pm - 9pm How do you make a publisher (or agent) say yes? During this workshop, Nicola Morgan will show you how publishing decisions are made, what ingredients are needed to make a publishable book, and how to create a 25-word pitch for your book, whatever the genre. Nicola Morgan is an award-winning writer for young people, a respected blogger and writer about writing and the publishing industry and an experienced public speaker. She has had around 90 books published, comprising novels, non-fiction and educational books. To register for this workshop (20), please visit or telephone our Literature/Languages Desk on the First Floor. (01865 333611). We are also offering a book and workshop combination which means that you can purchase both the book and a place on this workshop for 25 - the perfect gift for the would-be published writer?


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