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Much industry


Blimes, I have done a lot today, which I have only achieved through being fortified by a steady flow of Mini Battenburgs. Now I feel like a podge. I should have sent them to my lovely dad as a nice Father's Day treat. Before I say anything about today, some unfinished business about yesterday. Doctor Who was an immense disappointment to me. Andy and I have come, sadly, to the conclusion that RT Davies is a third rate mind. The episode had so much going for it on paper: the sexiest man in the world; the second sexiest man in the world; a world-class actor in a bit-part; another world-class actor making his entrance. But all those things were a crutch for the script, a script which had, yet again, too bloody much running down corridors - STOP IT. STOP MAKING THEM RUN DOWN CORRIDORS - useless aliens (in ONE TRILLION years, is the best you can come up with pointy teeth?), that stupid sonic screwdriver (please, god, give him a new toy) and rubbish truck technology. It was only thanks to the stellar, wonderful, inspired acting that it wasn't a write-off, but David Tennant et al deserve more. 

But despite all that I woke up full of beans, determined to rise above the idiots who live either side of us and to have a good day. And I have! I have finished laying out City Cycling. The only thing stopping me sharing it with you is that the smallest PDF I can generate is 86mb. That gives you an indication of how much work it's been! AND then I have finished my essay! Whoop! 

And even better - in researching (heh) the image for this post I came across an excellent wiki site called Uncyclopedia - "the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit". Hee! It's a bit Douglas Adamsy, which means it is something I love. Here is the entry for Battenburg: 

"Battenburg is a town somewhere in Germany in Hessianland which is, oh, right about the middle. It is divided into the yellow quarter, the pink quarter, the yellow quarter and the pink quarter. The few people that live there are employed by Battenburg Ltd., a large scale bakery operation that produces all sorts of fancy namby-pamby tea cakes. These cakes are exported all over the world and are best enjoyed by wimps drinking tea. Naturally the very best tea is stolen from East India Trading Company ships by pirates. However if supplies of jacked tea are limited, then it may also be enjoyed with unjacked tea but with far less satisfaction to the wimps, and the pirates." And so on. 

Now I'm going to watch a re-run of The West Wing, because I deserve it. 


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