Funny's all down to you now, Doctor. • 16 June 2007 • The SnowBlog

Funny's all down to you now, Doctor.

A day of highs and lows, today. Highs: the City Cycling layout is going a lot quicker than expected. Should be able to get it off to print by Wednesday as planned, which means it will be out in time to tie in with the Tour de France. Phewfo.

On the low side, though, a few more contenders. I left the most recent City Cycling Indesign document at work, and for some reason couldn't log in remotely to get it, so had to cycle to the office in the POURING RAIN to get it. Also the poxy neighbour has cut down all the branches of our beautiful tree that overhang his garden. He's done a complete hatchet job and the poor old tree might have to come out altogether. Vandal. Also the other (even more scummy) neighbours' dog has been barking non-stop all day long. It is still barking. Is there such a thing as canicide? I may commit it soon. Also I have an exam of sorts on Thursday - nuff said. I know the question in advance, which you'd think helps, but it just means I've got no excuse not to do well. I've tried to work on it today, but was distracted by the dog and the tree. Bah. But you know what? I don't care about any of that anymore, because Doctor Who is on in a few minutes, and that makes it All Oh Kay. Though it better be good, Mr T Davies, or there'll be trouble... my verdict will follow shortly after it airs!


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