I love it when... • 15 June 2007 • The SnowBlog

I love it when...

... you're flat-out frantic, no time to even get a coffee or go to the loo, up against all sorts of deadlines, then you glance at a submission and look up three hours later having realised you've read the lot in one sitting. A very pleasant sunny Friday afternoon treat! Interestingly, although I was captivated, there's still no guarantee that we'll offer to publish it. We are That Picky. But as I mentioned the other day, what, really, gives me the right to censor the readers' options like that? Sure, it's my company's money on the line, but it's likely that people would enjoy the book. We do think that people will find better ways of figuring out what they should and shouldn't read. It's been one of the things we've discussed on our great strategy week (a week this time! Not just a day!) thinking about this sort of stuff. When it's all percolated through I'll give you an update. This weekend, however, I have to do an essay and finish laying out City Cycling. I hope it rains - makes me feel less bad about staying in. In other news: Rob has figured out a way to send documents to the printer from home over our network. The printer seemingly fired up on its own this afternoon and spat out a piece of paper warning me to 'watch out for the ghost'. Snowbooks: behaving like adults since 2003.


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