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News from Snowbooks' Alumni Club! Blimey, James didn't hang around. Whatever happened to taking a week off, enjoying the summer, and breaking oneself in gently to one's new occupation? Instead, he and a group of likemindeds have come up with an excellent fringe festival to complement the London Literary Festival. In the spirit of the sorts of things we've been talking about on the blog of late - letting the people decide what books they want to read - this is an open, inclusive and wide-ranging festival. 

It runs 29th June to 13th July. Snowbooks will be running a couple of events, although they're not yet properly planned so you'll have to wait to see what they are! More as it comes. If you're an indie publisher or bookseller in particular, it's a perfect opportunity to celebrate London's books. Go to the (frankly wonderful) website now!  


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