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The power of smug



On the Global Warming front, I'm pleased to say, I think we've got past the following view: '10,000 scientists say it's real; three who work for Exxon say it's not. It's too soon to say who's right'. Now a good number of us are agreed it's real and humans are largely to blame. So thank goodness we've been able to put scepticism behind us and move on to despair. One of the most common expressions of despair that I hear is this one: 'what can one lone person like me do that's going to matter?' Now, since the people expressing that view are usually doing so in a newspaper or on TV, I think the answer is obvious: set an example. But even if you leave that aside, I have to say that sentiment doesn't really coincide with my own feelings - and not because I'm a saint - in fact the opposite. What I want to do is have solar cells on my roof, a heat-pump to heat my house, kick-ass high-end double glazing and I want to recycle and buy locally bought food that I bring home on my bike. Why? Well, because I think I should. But also because I don't like worrying about the fate of the world. It's depressing. I want to be able to say smugly, "I'm doing my bit. If everyone were like me, there wouldn't be a problem." It's not an attitude to be proud of, but it is an attitude that would contribute to the salvation of the planet. It's not the ultimate solution, but it's better than where we are now. So don't despair of yourself; get stuck in and then despair of everyone else, smug in the knowledge that you're superior.


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