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Movie Night pics


There's one photo to see and one photo we wish we'd taken but didn't. Never ever leave the house without a camera plus assortment of lenses, that's the lesson here. As Em and I went for our pre-Movie Night wander we saw a stoat. Or maybe it was a weasel. It was dragging a dead mouse behind it into its burrow. Then, after it disappeared inside we waited. And it popped its head out and stared at us for about five seconds before dipping back down. So we waited. And it did it again. We got it to pop up and stare at us four times before it had had enough of waiting for us to push off. And each time it popped up we said 'hello' to it. Which I think annoyed it even more as it had a dead mouse to be getting on with and clearly didn't have time for our nonsense. The photo I managed to capture was of the humongous rainbow a little later on, once we were safe indoors. See all the birds sitting there, right by it, enjoying the colours?  


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