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Mouse saga


Exhibit A: nibbled

(following on from here) I'm sorry, mouse fans, that I don't have a picture of my latest mouseploits. At about midnight last night there were one or or two crashes from my kitchen. I was asleep but they woke me up and I thought 'stupid mice' and was tempted to go back to sleep, but on the other hand, they were quite loud crashes which made me wonder if it was really a tiny, silent mouse instead of perhaps an angry badger in my kitchen instead. Or perhaps the mice had toppled the fridge over in order to get at its tasty contents. So I trudged upstairs (my kitchen is upstairs) and turned on the light. No sign of meece. But then I heard a rustle, pulled open a kitchen drawer and there, THERE, was a mouse sitting up holding a pecan nut in its paws paused in mid-bite looking guilty. Suffice it to say some fairly humane Keystone-cops-style chasing ensued with me cornering the mouse on a couple of occasions and then it outsmarting me. Eventually, once I got too tired to properly enjoy this sort of thing, I gave up and went back to bed, but first I had another go at positioning the humane trap I bought. But in the morning it had been moved out of the way and was empty. I am going to have to marshal my ingenuity and find a way to show these mice who's boss (assuming they don't already know). (Also, I never found out what the crashes were. That's a fun surprise for another day.)


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