While the cat's away... • 10 April 2008 • The SnowBlog

While the cat's away...

Rob's in Big London this afternoon learning to kill a man in a tranquil fashion at his Qi Gong lesson, so I can post a sneaky post whilst he's not looking. I am turning the SnowBlog into a dating website for the afternoon! What's the point in having a blog if you can't use it to find your best friend a partner? Available: one very clever, funny, thoughtful, nice, friendly, entertaining, funny, super, articulate, handsome, educated, well-read, kind, lovely man. Solvent, with own publishing company and countryside home near Oxfordshire. Would like to meet: A nice, clever, sparkly, funny girl. Should be interested in the world and be a non-religious left-winger. Should say charmingly unpredictable things. Should be entertaining and thoughtful and kind. Should like cats, not dogs (except the nice kind of dogs). Should have youthful outlook. Should not be jaded, cynical old bag. Should not drink like a fish, ideally. Should like the countryside. Location and age not important: brain important. Why: Because Rob is about the superest person I know (except for my Andy, but you can't have him, he's mine) and it's ridiculous that he's single. So get in touch! Leave your comments below or email Rob at snowbooks dot com to introduce yourself in a witty, charming manner. Tell all your (nice, single) friends too. He is a proper catch so be quick!


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