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Micro Tip

I see a million clever things a day and never remember to pass any of them on. This one I remembered. If you're worried about posting your e-mail address in a blog post or on a web page because automated spamming robots might use it to splurge you with spam, use a picture of your address instead. (In Windows) type your address in some random application, hit Alt-PrtScn, and then paste and edit down the resulting screen grab (say in Photoshop) to just cover the bit you want. Then embed that image in your blog/web page like you would any other. Because I like to over-think things, a number of possibilities now occur to me: 1) This is one of those things that only I think is clever 2) If you're sufficiently technically-minded to understand exactly what I just said you'll be technically-minded enough to know it already. 3) Even though I've had a MacBook for several months now, I still don't know how to do stuff on it. Like take a screen grab and edit it. What if the world finds out that I'm a Mac Retard? 4) Too late 5) If you like the idea of a little picture with your e-mail address on it, but don't know how to make one I could do it for you. 6) Until I get bored with people asking me 7) Yours wouldn't have to be gaudy like mine 8) Someone should tell Em about this 9) Hey Em? EEEMMMM! Now that we're using the blog like post-it notes, here's a thing you should know 10) Ta

I think I've just fixed the problem with unusual characters not displaying properly, so now Alan's comments below don't have tangles of umlautted vowels in them. And thanks for your Mac help, guys.


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