Snowvon calling! • 14 September 2007 • The SnowBlog

Snowvon calling!

So, the book I'm finding stupidly easy to sell at the moment is Richard Ballantine's City Cycling. People see it, they want it. Thing is, I am a bit busy doing all the other one hundred million things I have to do to keep Snowbooks going. It seems such a shame to have this book that everyone wants but not the time to tell them that it exists. So here's the deal. You, friends, can sell it on Snowbooks' behalf. Think of yourself as a bookish Avon Lady, going from house to house, friend to friend, trying to sell orangey make-up - except now you can have a Quality Product that takes no effort to sell at all (providing you are talking to someone who likes cycling - and there are lots of them about). For every copy of City Cycling that you sell, Snowbooks will pay you 2.50! That's right. You only need to shift four copies to get a crisp ten pound note in the post, to exchange for the goods and services that you most desire. Get your friends to order from Once they've done that, email me with their names and I'll send you your commission! Easy money. Go! Sell! The person who sells the most will be names Snowvon Seller of the Month. You need no more incentive than that.


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