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Hospitality beyond what's credible


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Sorry to be a big blurty blog hog today, but I wanted to mention something that happened while I was writing that last post: my neighbour dropped by to give me a jar of crab apple jelly his wife had made and to see if I'd remembered that the village movie night was coming up. I mean really! Why wasn't he angry or belligerently drunk or something? Why wasn't he shouting or trying to borrow money? My urban life has not prepared me for the preposterous levels of warmth and generosity I now have to contend with. And last night my neighbours on the other side invited me round for tea and snacks in a little garden they've built especially for watching the sun go down. It's open to the hills on one side, but enclosed by plants and hedges on the other three. It even has its own outdoor heater so we were toasty and snug. Their cats wandered over too. And I sat drinking tea and eating little delicious dips until the sky was dark enough to see about ten million stars. What on earth was I doing in London all these years? If you add in Pandora's suggestion that I listen to Acoustic Snails by Infinite Scale and Sasha's Mr Tiddles - both of which, as Anna's friend Jessie would say, rock my socks off - well, all in all it's enough to make a person extremely happy.


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