Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams are swines! (updated) • 14 September 2007 • The SnowBlog

Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams are swines! (updated)

If you have a moment, read this book review. I warn you, it's for a non-fiction book. A non-fiction business book. I know! But still, if you like getting your strategy groove on* it's a pretty mouth-watering build-up. So now I have my copy and the damn thing is in code. The code of corporate PR babble. I know it's packed with delicious bon-bons of knowledge, but Don and Tony are operating some sort of old-timey strictness whereby you can't have any of the sweet stuff until you've finished your gruel. So far the book is a washing-up bowl full of cold porridge with the promise of the best dessert you've ever tasted if you can get through it. I'm going to write a bit for you now. My words, but in their style. "In the new paradigm, catalysing this unlocking of the productive and creative potentials of the market players and their associates, partners, clients and strategic collaborators will usher in an explosion of unprecedented and ultimately unpredictable possibilities as well as pitfalls for the managers, analysts, strategists and visionaries within the various organisations, business entities and spontaneous collaborations of individuals partaking of this profound new suite of opportunities unleashed by the coming together of a novel nexus of forces, tensions, factors and elements which in combination may well bring about a reconfiguration of the very way in which we approach the manufacture, development, distribution and logistical planning of what could well become a revolution in the way we look at, view, think about and ultimately spell the reimagining and reawakening of our unforeseen but undoubtedly inspiring collective future." Except they wouldn't have said the bit about 'spelling' because that's a joke. And we wouldn't want a joke in there. I'm going to damn well persevere with this book because I suspect I will learn a lot of excellent stuff from it. But Don and Anthony should have got down on their knees and pleaded with Malcolm Gladwell to ghost-write the thing for them. *Using phrases like that doesn't endear me to anyone or make me sound cool does it? I thought not.
It's getting better as I was sure it would. As soon as they've got interesting facts to relay they ease up a little on the clashingly mixed metaphors, compulsive synonym listing, radiantly garbled rhapsodising and the cardboard PR platitudes. Even so, the two web-related ideas I read today that were so profound I was momentarily startled by them both came not from Wikinomics but from my new favourite magazine in the world: Make. I might share a little of that with anyone who's interested in an upcoming post.


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