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Rob thinking

He really is a genius, that Rob. Honestly, you can ask him anything and he'll either know the answer or, more cleverly, know how to go about getting the answer. So this morning I absolutely had to get the printer working. I had done something stupid to it last week and hadn't got round to fixing it - but today I need to print three books out to meet a prize entry deadline. I spent from 7.30 to 9am trying it my way. I think I uninstalled some drivers (turns out I just deleted the shortcut); I swapped the cables for fresh ones and researched the problem on't interweb. Still it didn't work. So I gave up and phoned Rob, who, in three minutes flat, had given me a three-step plan to follow. And, of course, it worked. (Uninstall the printer and drivers from Add/ remove programs; restart; reinstall from disc.) Thing is, I could have asked him, to which I would have received a well-thought-through and accurate answer, whether a particularly complicated bit of prose was parsed correctly. Or what to do if my dishwasher was broken. Or how soon after exercise I should eat for optimal insulin levels. Or how to set up the new Waterstone's central distribution centre without melting the company down for six months. So in honour of him saving the day once again, and for being a super pal, I am initiating a new occasional strand to this blog, called WWRD? (What Would Rob Do?) Feel free to send in your questions, queries and puzzles on anything from IT to strategy, grammar to DIY. He doesn't know this yet, but I'm sure he'll be delighted to answer your questions.


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