Calling All Zombies! London Zombie March. • 24 March 2007 • The SnowBlog

Calling All Zombies! London Zombie March.


Ever wanted to dress up like a zombie and wonder around London groaning 'Braiiiins' and lunging for people's throats? Now's your chance! 

We are planning to get up to 100 people to dress up as zombies and invade the Tube system. Not only is this an excellent idea on its own, it is also a tribute to our forthcoming Monster Island - the first in a trilogy of zombie thrillers including Monster Nation and Monster Planet. The date is yet to be finalised but if you are interested in coming along, please email me and I'll put you on the list. Requirements: 

You must dress up a little bit. This can range from some suitably zombie-like blood smears to full-on lesions, sores and ripped clothing! Get some inspiration here, here, and here. 

You must be happy to be photographed and filmed. I can't reveal the exact reason here, but if you email me I'll let you in to our plan. We will also be priming the press who may take photos. 

You must be happy to wander around and groan for an hour or two - it will probably be on a Sunday afternoon at the end of April. 

In exchange for all this, there are presents! You will get a copy of Monster Island for free, as well as credits on the film if you like. You will also get advance copies of the next two books, a couple of months before everyone else. And, of course, you can tell your grandchildren of the day you dressed up as a zombie and wandered around London. 


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