Theft? • 25 March 2007 • The SnowBlog


          daliclock.jpg Do you know the tale of the 'thief' who, unbeknownst to the City company he worked for, traded his firm's money on the foreign markets at night? Before the day-shift started he would put his initial stake back where it came from and pocket any winnings. True story. Well, trueish. Kind of. Prob'ly not, actually.

But anyway... each Spring, the government borrows one hour of time from each citizen of the U.K. and then gives it back in the Autumn, having done who knows what with it. Even at minimum wage levels that's, £5.35 x U.K. Population = £324,258,968 and 55p. Plus, it's a Sunday, so that really should be double-time. Call it best part of £650 million. Invest that for six months at 5% and you're talking a little over £16 million. So whoever's behind the British Summertime Scam, by my reckoning, gets sixteen million quid a year for doing nothing. And if anyone complains, it all gets blamed on the farmers.  


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