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Free Stuff


So we have new computers for the office as part of our upgrade programme, which means our old monitors need to find a new home. We will be sorry to see them go as they have served us well, but we'll just have to be brave and release them into the wild. And we're giving you, lucky Snowblog readers, first dibs. We have three Dell P1230 Colour Monitor 20''. (We also have one Iiyama HM903D7A 19'' colour monitor (my old one) which unfortunately I have superglued paper snowflakes to and they won't come off. We also have a brother printer which is only 6 months old but which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy because it's driven me mad as it jams with any document over 30 pages - and when you print your own proofs, that is more often than not. Still, it's yours if you want it.) The dimensions are pretty much 20'' cubed. A b format paperback is included in the photo for scale!

The Dell monitors are top of the range, colour true and high resolution. We have all the drivers, support manuals and cables, except for power cables (which are at least standard so your current leads should fit) as our new monitors didn't ship with power leads - imagine. 



A small donation to charity (WaterAid) would be most welcome, and you'd have to collect it from our office on Pentonville Road - but we would make you a coffee, show you around and maybe even throw in a book or two! 

You don't have to take them all. Drop me a line if you'd like more info or if you'd like to take a look. If I haven't given them to you fine people in 5 days time I'll put them on freecycle as they are taking up a lot of room, so hurry! Getemwhilethey'rehotthey'relovely. 

I have changed the title of this post from 'Offer of the Week' to see if that encourages people to get in touch. It is then down to their consciences if they want to donate anything to charity! So far, no takers - roll up, roll up! 


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