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You lovely people. Thanks for voting! It means the world because it would be just what we need to get a book into the final ten. Now I am going to try a new tactic: Search Engine Optimisation! So: if you have come here after searching for: world book day, worldbookday, spread the word, spreadtheword, spread the book (you never know), world book day books, what shall i read next, book group, book group spread the word, books, book recommendations, reading group, book group selection, richard and judy book group (ha, sorry to cheat a bit, but our books are way better than those), independent publisher books, book choice then WELCOME and please vote for us on the world book day Spread the Word site. If anyone has genuinely come here for the first time after looking for Spread the Word on the web, then you should know that Snowbooks is a lovely little publisher based in London. We need all the help we can get, so please take a punt on our books, which really are better than everyone else's, and consider them for your reading group, and then, for a million extra karma points, vote for us. Thanks!


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