A rose for all seasons • 9 December 2007 • The SnowBlog

A rose for all seasons


I'm not saying the climate is broken, or anything, but that rose is blooming in my garden right now. OK, it's a little tatty-looking in places, but it's the freakin' 9th of freakin' December. (I know it looks like I did a really hamfisted job of bumping the saturation up through the roof, but I swear I didn't touch the colours. That's how it came out of my D40 (with all the settings on default). I even thought of photoshopping the saturation down so this real rose would look more believable.  The weirdness probably comes from the fact that the camera decided it needed the flash to fire even though it's daylight out there. But then again, it is winter.)  


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