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Who Review

Doctor Who. The Time Of Angels. Liked every bit of it. Exciting, funny, clever and (if you find that sort of thing troubling) rather scary. Even Mr Matt Smith seemed to find a few lines to get his teeth into. Perhaps it was the good example he was being set on all sides that did it. More like this please. (Note to commenters: I don't watch the spoilers included at the end of each episode so please don't say something like 'really looking forward to next week when [this thing] happens'. And maybe write 'spoilers' at the top if you're going to get into the nuts and bolts of the episode, for the benefit of foreigners and old people who might not have watched it yet.) Also, while I'm on the subject, surely it's about time for the BBC to take their flagship show and start shifting it madly around in the schedule as well as skipping a week or two. How can they resist with so many viewers? Think of the annoyance they could cause. Which in turn leads me on to linking to this blissfully brilliant clip from Being Human on the subject of emotional connection and TV scheduling (is too sweary for work - unless you work somewhere like Snowbooks.) The house-meeting in the clip comes after much death, horror and torment, in case you're seeing it for the first time. Genius, on about six levels.


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