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Correct me

When I've talked to publishers, they often seem to use outside agencies or freelancers for their graphic design, website design and, you know, anything involving colours. So I don't know if there are Photoshop gurus out there, but if you do spend your days tweaking images you might get a kick out of this tutorial for colour-correcting film footage to look like the big Hollywood movies. It's principally interesting for how it opens your eyes to the enormous extent that footage has been manipulated before you get to watch it. It takes me back to the feeling of my first Photoshop course where the instructor said to look at billboards and magazine covers on the way home and check the teeth and whites of eyes of the people in them. You suddenly realise you're surrounded by models with radioactive dentistry and eyeballs. Anyway, if you're into colour, and you have half an hour, watch post-production innovator Stu Maschwitz show you how (and why) it's done. Here (and then page down a little).


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