What would you do? • 17 May 2007 • The SnowBlog

What would you do?


I genuinely need your advice. Stop lurking, lurkers, and pitch in. 

We really want to print all our books on recycled paper - not just FSC because it still requires perfectly healthy trees to be killed. We asked for a quote from our favourite printers. Here are the two quotes for the same number of units:

FSC: £3,648.67
Recycled: £4,974.88

That's a difference of £1326, which is a lot of money, in anyone's book. 

So what would you do if you were me? Go for the not-actually-evil-but-not-ideal FSC? Or shell out for the go-straight-to-heaven-do-not-pass-go recycled? And don't just say 'recycled' without thinking about it. Put yourself in my shoes. Our margins are miniscule; my salary is less than £4000 a year; survival is pretty tough. 

Squeaky clean conscience or slightly less crap margin? Principles or profit? You decide.  


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