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They are the greatest. Andy and I don't have a car, but we really need one, but like many others we don't want to destroy the planet. So we researched it and found So on Wednesday I filled out the online form, and one minute later a chap phones to complete my registration. One minute! Like, when did that ever happen in the real world? 

So he takes some details, and then - this is so cool - suddenly we're in a three-way call with the DVLA. The chap asks the DVLA whether I have points and for details of my license - they confirm it's all ok, and then he takes my credit card number, deducts a deposit and we're done! 

He's sent a swipe card in the post. Once I get it, I book online. The way it works is this: they own dedicated parking spaces on loads of streets around London. There is one on White Lion Street, just around the corner from SnowTowers. You swipe the car door and it opens - no key. You rummage in the glove compartment - there's the key - but it doesn't work unless you tap your pin number into the PIN NUMBER THING ON THE DASHBOARD. So modern! And you can book for half an hour at a time, or a week at a time, and they promise 95% availability. 

Oh, I'm in heaven. This was the future I was promised. None of this 'please wait in for a week whilst we fail to deliver your fridge' nonsense. THE FUTURE! 


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