Unknown weather types • 5 February 2009 • The SnowBlog

Unknown weather types

I'm taking a bit more interest in the weather forecast at the moment. Like I would if I were in Minneapolis. Or any other place where the weather might be out to get me. I don't normally have to worry about that in the UK. And I feel like weather forecasts have had their heyday. They were rubbish when I was little. Then in the Nineties, with all the supercomputers and mathematical modelling, they started to get accurate. Then, in this decade, they've gone back to being fifty-fifty guesses. Worse, because we live in a web-savvy age, these inaccurate forecasts exist almost solely as icons. I've checked Yahoo, versus the BBC, versus what my Mac tells me and none of them agree. What's more some of the little picturegrams are almost too inscrutable to interpret. But the ones shown above are the scariest. I just don't like the prevalence of the word 'unknown'. I'm staying indoors until the weather has been identified.


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