Recession bargains • 4 February 2009 • The SnowBlog

Recession bargains

This is a bit anecdotal, but every day I read in the paper about jobs lost and profits evaporating. And I read about prices slashed and record discounts offered. But strangely, I haven't managed to pay less for anything yet. Not that I look upon a recession just as a way of snapping up some bargains. I just find it strange that nothing I've wanted to buy in the last few months has been reduced. Perhaps I'm buying the 'wrong' things. But weirdly, my mum is trying to buy a new car at the moment and we all know that the car industry is really struggling with its mountains of unsold inventory. She's visited dealers for four different makes of car and none of them were interested in doing any sort of deal on a mid-sized SUV. Full list price only. The fifth dealership did offer her a deal, which was scuppered by the fact that they were out of stock of what she wanted and couldn't find any stock anywhere else in the UK. Weird, huh? So have any of you found a silver lining yet and picked up a recession bargain?


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