Thumb twiddling. • 2 October 2008 • The SnowBlog

Thumb twiddling.

So, it's my due date today. And my birthday tomorrow. And then the nice, convenient weekend. Care to lay bets? My midwife tells an excellent story of a young mother who presented at the hospital maternity department. At the front desk, the staff asked why she was there - was she in labour, or there for an appointment? 'No,' she replied, 'it's my due date. So I came to the hospital. What do I do now?' Since my comprehensive reading on the subject of childbirth suggests that it's not as simple as handing a chit over at a counter and getting a nice fresh baby in a moses basket in return, I don't expect him to turn up on schedule today. But based on no data whatsoever, you are welcome to make your own predictions of when the SnowHeir will arrive. Nearest person gets a (poo-stain-free, direct from the distributor) Snowbook of their choice! Dates and times in the comments section, please.


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