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          I am a bit miffed with the Council. They failed to take the recycling boxes away today, which made me nearly want to cry because DO THEY KNOW how hard it was to get the bloody things to the side of the road when you're this pregnant? AND THEN BACK AGAIN, unemptied. Sob. The reason? A helpful sticker stuck to the top of the box revealed the answer. It said 'Sorry we didn't take your recycling box today' (if they were really sorry, they would have taken it anyway, but never mind...) 'but it contained contaminants.' Ooh. I didn't know I had any contaminants. Reading on, the offending articles turned out to be - glass bottles. 

WTF? What sort of recycling scheme omits bottles? And how come I've been putting bottles out every week for the last 6 months without it being a problem? 

I am most confused. 


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