Three things • 7 February 2009 • The SnowBlog

Three things

1) Snowsales post is up. 2) Normal women have a dress or nice trousers hanging on the back of the bedroom door to inspire them when they're on a diet. Me, I have red wellingtons. My post-partum legs were too fat to wear them - until now! So I have been tromping around in the snow in lovely red wellies. Most pleasing. 3) I had a cold call from a pre-press company. They cited some fellow publishers who they work for, who I will not mention to spare their blushes. The chap on the phone said 'yeah, they just send us a word doc and we do everything to it then send it to the printer for them.' 'What, everything?' I said. 'Yep; editing, proofing, typesetting, design, the lot.' Astonishng. I wonder what exactly it is that that company does with its time if it's not making books?


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