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Rentaghost. No.



I could believe one SnowBlog commenter might have fond memories of Rentaghost, but not two. That's like 25% of you or something. Could this be the rosy-tinted rear porthole of nostalgia that everyone now seems to view their childhood TV through? Similar to the effect that made me think Marine Boy was excellent until finally it was reshown and I realised it didn't even make sense (though I still want OxyGum and Jet Boots). My memories of Rentaghost are of thinking how cool the idea of ghosts was - basically they were like indestructible superheroes (c.f. original Randall & Hopkirk, which I loved) - and being so disappointed that all they did was bicker in overly loud voices and make mistakes*. I will admit it was good to start with, but it outstayed its welcome by quite a number of years as far as I was concerned. Here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry that backs me up: 'The acting in later episodes was frequently over the top, and the scripts contained highly-contrived jokes...' *Now that I come to think of it, it's the same objection I have to Torchwood.


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