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This weekend and next week

Right, sleeves up. This weekend is weekend #2 of house moving. I mention it for a couple of reasons: 1) I won't be around to answer emails. Oddly, they tend to pile up at the weekend as fast as in the week. That's not normally a problem, except 2) Sodding, useless BT have failed thus far to connect our new phone line. Without a phone line, I can't set up the ADSL line. Without an ADSL line, I can't access the internets. And so, I won't be around to blog or, more crucially, read my email. [trembles involuntarily at thought of no email.] I envisage this problem being around for the whole of next week, knowing BT as I now do. I'll be in London Thursday and Friday so will likely reply then. So, you can get me on the phone which is 0790 406 2414, and please do if it's urgent or important to you. Sorry about this. Feel free to address your complaints to BT.


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