Tablet ownership doubled at Xmas • 24 January 2012 • The SnowBlog

Tablet ownership doubled at Xmas

I used to write titles to my blog posts which amused me. But then I could never find them again unless I could remember the joke. So look at what I've been reduced to. It's a blog title composed of utilitarian gruel, I know. Anyway, what it refers to is a slightly surprising, potentially pivotal statistic. Over Christmas, we went from one fifth of American adults owning a tablet computer to two-fifths. Kapow. Exactly the same thing happened to U.S. e-reader ownership too. Kazap. In fact it actually sounds wrong to me. But I'm assuming that Pew Research know a lot more about these things than I do. And that being the case, it's a big reason why someone should get busy on the whole cross-platform interactive book idea that Apple may have just bungled. Pew research link.


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