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iBooks odds and ends

Just to wrap up my recent (1 and 2) focus on the new iBooks 2.0 interactive textbook launch there are two snippets to add. You might not have to upgrade to the latest version of the Mac OS to use iBooks Author after all. Supposedly it's for Lion only, but tech-minded tinkerers seem to have got it to work with Snow Leopard. See here for the fiddly details. Apparently the EULA that comes with iBooks Author is the most greedy, grabby agreement of its kind according to someone who examines them for a living. See here. Apparently it attempts to control what you can do with the documents you create. People have likened it to trying to control what you can do with a Word document you write. All in all, Apple seem to have taken a great idea - bring the world interactive textbooks - and done a slightly sleazy, short-sighted and tight-fisted job of it.


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