Suspicious • 20 July 2007 • The SnowBlog


          Some things are suspicious. Some things are OK. Leila Johnston, author of our forthcoming (in October) sure fire bestselling hit million copy supernova gift book How To Worry Friends and Inconvenience People, clears up the situation in this short film. 

This is the first of a collection of videos which we'll be hosting here and elsewhere to showcase the excellent advice and tips to be found in the book. For instance, Leila suggests saying your mobile phone number when you answer it. Or measuring the difficulty of games and puzzles in units of the cubic rube. She wonders whether you could address a letter to a pillarbox, or whether you could try looking through a different person's window each day of advent.  Maybe using the comments section of someone else's blog to start your own hypotaxical micro-blog? And so on.

High, high quality. Enjoy. 



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