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Nora, who from now on I shall know and address as 'Snowcase #5', writes to say: "I just wanted to say that your 'Snowcase' idea has been a success. People have been e-mailing me direct, so just wanted to let you know that it's worked brilliantly since you posted an excerpt from Oops! I'm the Paparazzi. I've literally been 'snowed under' with e-mails and calls expressing interest in my work and/or sending good wishes. So thank you for that. Here's a couple of snippets from comments I've had that specifically mention Snowbooks and your renowned blog. * From an email. 'Okay, we give in. Please tell us that Malory gets the photos and outwits the paparazzi. We've got a tea break bet running on it to see who guesses what happens next. None of us are budding writers but we enjoy reading the Snowblog at work. Our fav Snowbook is the Crafter's Companion but we'd deffo read your chick lit book. Hope you can help. We've got a lot of choccie biccies bet on this.' [Hello ladies! Glad you like Crafters!] * From a Snowblog reader. 'If I had the technology I'd include 3 cheers with this mail cos I love reading chic-lit novels but sometimes feel others frown on these light, humorous books. Now I can say that even rocket science authors write this kind of women's fiction which makes me feel soooo much more intelligent. (PS - that blog is so addictive!)' Yey - the snowblog is addictive. I knew it was from this side: nice to see others think so!


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