Did *I* say that? • 15 August 2007 • The SnowBlog

Did *I* say that?

I'll tell you what's a little weird: writing a piece for a newspaper or magazine and having to wait for it to be published to find out what you said. I understand that editors will want to correct mistakes, but every time I see something I wrote in print (novels excluded) it's changed in ways both inexplicable and frustrating. Sometimes expressions I wouldn't use have appeared; sometimes conclusions I wouldn't have drawn have been added. My least favourite was when someone went through a humorous piece I'd written and removed all the setups while leaving the punchlines. Anyone reading it would have assumed I was a moron. And not a funny moron either. Perhaps there's some reason that the world has to be this way. And perhaps telling you beforehand - never mind asking permission - is impossible. But I think I'd prefer it if whoever edited me added their names to the credits at the top. Then it would be clear that I'm not the only moron involved.


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