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Start with XML

Why is it that I have it in my head that I enjoy public speaking, and therefore readily agree to do lots of it, when just before doing some I remember that it freaks me out? Come along, one and all, and enjoy hearing me at the Start with XML conference tomorrow at the British Library. Watch! as I look nervous and talk a bit too quickly. Marvel! as I tell you all about how we use XML without boring the pants off you. Be Amazed! as I get to the end of the speech without ballsing it up, hopefully. Give me a little cheer to steady my nerves, won't you? (I don't mind it that much, in truth. I just find it funny that I forget that I get nervous.) See you tomorrow! //update// It went really well! And I had such fun. *Now* I remember why I like public speaking! Thanks for the warm reception, people who were there.


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