Familiarity • 31 August 2009 • The SnowBlog


When I get a minute, I'll have to figure out what exactly Facebook rifles through in order to make its suggestions for new friends. But it seems to presuppose that anyone you're in contact with is someone you're getting on wonderfully with. A little while ago someone I hired someone I didn't know to help out with a few bits and pieces and they got into financial trouble. They kept the cash I sent them for paying bills with and I had to hire someone else to take over. I haven't yet seen any of that money back yet. Fortunately the loss of that cash isn't causing me problems, but it wasn't a great situation. Nevertheless, once a week Facebook suggests that I befriend that person. Slow down, Facebook. They did sort of, kind of, a little bit rob me. Couldn't you find me someone else instead?


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