Some good fortune • 6 November 2010 • The SnowBlog

Some good fortune

Like one of those straggly cheap trees which are the only ones left at the Christmas Tree place because you've left it too late, our Christmas offering is a bit sparse this year. We have Krimson in hardback, which is brilliant, but not much else. This is as much to do with the eye-watering marketing charges at this time of year than anything. However: great news! Lovely Waterstone's are running a horror promotion in section over the next 8 weeks. You may have noticed that we have some rather fine examples of the genre. So this morning when I looked at sales, there's hundreds of copies of most of them sold! It's made it a nearly 5000 sales week, which is smashing, and a lot more than if we'd have sold one or two frontlist titles on promotion - along with the associated marketing charges and print bills. It's only taken 7 years, but at last we have a viable business in the backlist. Yey! Right: on with my To Do list!


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