Friday! • 12 November 2010 • The SnowBlog


No matter how long you work for yourself; no matter how the traditional working hours, evenings and weekends merge into one another, I always like Fridays. Because it's the end of the week! Er, even if I will do 8 hours at least on both weekend days. And I'm feeling remarkably light-hearted on this particular Friday. Perhaps it is mania. That is a definite possibility. Perhaps it is a great boredom with thinking about all the crap that's gone on, and just wanting to be happy instead. Also true. Perhaps it is because so many silver linings have appeared in this week, and I've had so many conversations with kind, thoughtful and generous people, that it's restored my faith in human kindness and serendipity. I hope that over the coming days, weeks and months we'll have lots of good things to share with you here. I think things are on the way up. But for today: hey! It's Friday! Tell me Fridayish things.


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