Slightly too spooky • 14 November 2007 • The SnowBlog

Slightly too spooky

So, I tend to let my phone wake me up in the mornings. I had a terrible Nokia phone for a while that would play gentle, increasingly complex but softly tentative string sounds which I really liked - but that was the only thing the device was good for. My current phone is good in all the many ways the Nokia was bad, but it tends to wake me up with a bit less sophistication. So when I heard an interesting sound in a movie, I decided to try turning it into an alarm for my phone. You'd be amazed, or perhaps you wouldn't, at how easily one can turn a Hollywood DVD into a ringtone if you apply the right pieces of hackery (rather than just record the noise coming out of the speakers I mean). But it's no good; the sound that seemed interesting and pleasantly hooty in my living room seems troubling and creepy when I'm fast asleep. If anyone can tell me what the sound is they can win a glorious prize (which I will not name as it might be too much of a clue to the answer) The first thing I hear.


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