Signal to noise ratio • 14 November 2007 • The SnowBlog

Signal to noise ratio

It looks like we're currently getting one to two real comments each day plus one to two hundred spam comments. That doesn't seem right. Plus the number of spam comments seemed to spike sharply after I first wrote about spam. Maybe I shouldn't use the word any more. In future I'll just refer to 'reconstituted meat products' (RMP). Anyway, if the RMP levels continue to rise we might have to start using one of those read-the-woosy-text things to screen out the robo-junk - or, if it's ready for the market and not too expensive, one of those spot-the-cat thingies. As for the fact that we only get one to two comments per day, I'm thinking some sort of pay-by-the-word cash incentive might work. Although even that's not guaranteed; as soon as Em announced a prize for the 1000th comment, people stayed away in droves. No, I suppose it will have to down to good old-fashioned engaging with our audience and raising topics on which they have strong views. What a pain.


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