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Romanians in the Valley

          Two recent pieces of news from Snowbooks towers, with our eyes now firmly fixed on next year's exciting list:

The ValleyThe Valley is the second novel from Snowbooks by J.D. Landis, the acclaimed author of the bestselling Longing. Set in the very real, but now vanished, location of Swift River Valley in Massachusetts, which was flooded to make a reservoir in the 1930s, this stunning gothic novel tells of the events following the young, imaginative Sarianna's arrival in the home of Reverend Jeremy Treat, a man of deep and rich faith trying to hold together a scattering congregation.

The Valley has just gone off to print, and to celebrate the lead up to publication on January 2nd, we've launched a special, dedicated website, where you can read an extract from the book, an interview with the author, and find out more about the extraordinary background to this tale. It's all right here.

Our second piece of news is the release of the cover for Bruce Benderson's memoir The Romanian, due for publication in May. Already published in France to great acclaim, where it became the first book by a non-French author to win the prestigious Prix de Flore, and shortly to be published by Penguin in the US, Snowbooks is proud to be publishing this landmark work by a truly extraordinary writer. Check out the preview here, and come back soon for more info.  

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