High urnings • 1 December 2005 • The SnowBlog

High urnings

I promised you an urn, and an urn you've got. See how sizeable it is - note the festive Snowbooks gingerbread house used in the photo for scale. 

Actually, it's quite a diminutive urn - I only got a runner up prize at the Everywoman Awards yesterday. However, Fiona Bruce (for it was she who presented the awards) read a bit out about Snowbooks and sounded very impressed. A man on the table next to ours (it was at the Savoy over lunch, with 300 important-looking guests) harrumphed in an impressed way too. I made sure that it said in my profile which she read out that we couldn't have done it all without Waterstone's; although they'll never know it, it makes me feel good to thank them publicly.  

The lunch was also an opportunity for people to give to Refuge, the domestic violence charity. 1 in 4 women is the subject of domestic violence, can you believe, and the lunch raised 3000 for their cause, which was excellent. 

The overall winner was Elaine Fairfax from Animal Friends Insurance who was a very worthy winner. Read about her excellent business that gives its profits to animal charities here.  


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