Paranoia • 7 March 2008 • The SnowBlog


I know I shouldn't give in to this sort of thing, but the sheer number of people I'm waiting to hear back from is making me paranoid. Good friends, who didn't reply to e-mails asking them if they were OK because it had been a while since I'd heard from them (fortunately they were fine). Business partners (not you, Em) who've promised to get in touch and haven't. People who are mulling over book collaborations for such a long time, I can't help thinking they've forgotten about them. I'm also waiting to hear back on holiday dates from a friend, script feedback from another friend (not you, Emma H., someone else), borrowed DVDs, ordered books. It's silence from people I'm close to and new acquaintances alike. I'm waiting on at least a dozen different things in all. Weirdly, even the spam e-mails have slowed to a trickle (though I'm not complaining about that). But I am starting to wonder if I'm turning invisible. (Hmm. Now when no one comments on this e-mail, I won't know if people are being funny, or I really am starting to disappear.)


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