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Limited Edition

There's a first-edition copy of Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon that might be worth more than all the others in a couple of years. Was it signed by the author? No. Is the cover studded with diamonds? No. But it is going to spend the next few months in space. It's being sent up with the latest freighter full of supplies to the International Space Station. It's a shame the science in it is all wrong. As anyone reading that particular copy will be aware, because they'll have the evidence of their own senses to remind them of that. But still, it would be more than a little bit cool to own a book about space exploration written in 1900 that spent part of 2008 orbiting the Earth. If no one else wants it, I'd like it as a reminder that along with all the bad stuff we do, humans also puzzle things out and collaborate on some pretty cool projects from time to time.


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